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Our solutions are focused on promoting customer loyalty, employee performance and structuring a successful incentive program with both the results and ROI that our customers have come to expect from our thirty years of experience in online and printed reward programs.

Every business seeks to acquire and retain the right customer from the beginning. Customer Loyalty Programs provide the "hook" which will prompt customers and prospective customers to participate in marketing initiatives and further seek out your products and services. For example, exciting awards and recognition vehicles such as our Total Awards online incentive program assist in acquiring new customers with the promise of value vs margin-eroding price discounts as well as engaging existing customers in a deeper relationship.

Research indicates that the sooner your customer uses their option to purchase, the more loyal the customer will be over the life of the your relationship with that customer. Customer Loyalty Programs programs provide the stimulus to promote participation. And, as participation grows, so does your customer's equity in your services and products, which leads to a longer and more sustainable relationship between you and your customer.

Customer incentive programs enable your company to continue to build customer equity through rewards, recognition, increased knowledge of your customers and a continuous dialogue with your most profitable users. Through the customer dialogue fostered by customer loyalty programs, you can spot strenths and weaknesses in your existing infrastructure and react quickly and proactively to any needs your customers may have. You can even anticipate which customers are most at risk and likely to defect so that you can implement targeted marketing initiatives to keep them.

This is loyalty impacts the customer development and retention process. SIM has developed a number of highly-successful programs in many industries with these concepts in mind. Customer Loyalty Works!

Stategic Incentive Marketing offers complete and stratgically implemented Employee Incentive Programs

How do you drive employees to perform at their highest potential? How do you inspire and motivate an sales force? What's the best way to calculate the performance of your employees? Stategic Incentive Marketing can show you the way!

Our solutions are developed around to your particular goals. With powerful online solutions, unparalleled print catalogs and the best customer service in the industry, we will help your organization succeed in employee motivation.

Covering a wide range of functions our Employee Motiviation programs allow for: Increasing Sales Building Loyalty Rewarding Employees Promoting Safety Reduce hiring and training costs. Increase employee retention.