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One way to ensure that everyone participates is to use the Internet. Spouses can log in; kids can review the possibilities for presents --- 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Web-based programs also have several benefits for the boss: Nobody will say that there wasn’t time enough to order, or that there weren’t enough choices we provide over 10,000 merchandise and travel choices. Our Internet based programs make it easy to: Review choices Place orders Ask questions from anywhere.

Earned points become valued Rewards not opportunities lost. Rewards can be ordered faster and delivered faster. You have a unique program/site - Everything is yours. Contest rules, sales messages, territory breakdowns, testimonials from winners, pictures, videos and more.. Programs can be changed at a moment’s notice: Your rewards program can be fine tuned to your needs: Merchandise awards can be added, removed or changed Rules can be updated Programs dates can be changed It is even possible to add new programs, targeted at different groups. You control the flow of information - Report the latest industry trends, congratulate last month’s winners, introduce a new line, or focus on a key sales period. Save time and money. Changes and updates are handled on the fly and on line.

We are proud of our ability to get your shipment on the road in as short a time as possible.Are orders are shipped from our warehouse located right here in our building with the balance drop shipped directly from the manufacturers. Ourl shipments go UPS or via Fed Ex, though we can use any service necessary to guarantee fast personal service. If you have a preference tell our customer service staff at the time you order.

Best of all - there is no extra charge for standard shipping or handling. All packages are shipped via delivered cost.  Just tell us how you want it, when it has to be there and we will do whatever is necessary to make it happen! We believe our shipping/fulfillment ensures happy award recipients, and enthusiastic support for your motivation program.

Our shipping is some of the fastest in the industry and comes at no extra cost. We also have the best customer service with real people, not an automated voice mailbox, who are not only knowledgeable and capable, but who are only a call or click away.